renaissance hombre


Hi, My Name Is Jesse Daniel Smith


My professional career suddenly started...

When, in 2013, I uploaded a cover of Bright Eyes' "First Day Of My Life" and it went to the front page of Amazingly, this cover has accumulated nearly 400k plays on YouTube and another 1m on Spotify

In total, my songs have had over 11,000,000 streams with 100-250k active monthly listeners on Spotify alone. Amazingly, every single tune was written, recorded and produced by me - a self-taught multi-media artist who started in absolute poverty at the age of 17.

As of writing this, I am in a unique position as I've spent the last decade refining these skills:

  • Multi-Instrumentalist. My fans compliment my voice the most, but I pride myself on playing guitar, bass, drums, piano/keys, percussion, and anything else I can get my hands on at a professional level.
  • Songwriting. Learning covers is a distinct aspect of my brand because I pride myself on learning from the best and delivering that message in a contemporary package. 
  • Graphic Design. I downloaded photoshop in 2006 to make a band logo for a local group I admired. Since then I've designed 100% of my own artwork.
  • Audio Production/Engineering. From 2007 on-wards I've spent every moment I could inside my D.A.W. Today I am not only making my own material - I am happily producing other upcoming Canadian acts. I'm a player who walks between the creative & technical worlds with ease. 
  • Photography/Videography. The true highlight of my diverse skill set is that I am easily in the 5% percent of Montreal Filmmakers/Photographers. Some of my clients include: Snapchat, Justin Trudeau, Air China/Iceland, The Montreal Impact, The Montreal Canadians, Bell Canada, Cinemas Guzzo, Lambourghini, Dreamhack, and over 50 weddings around the world.
  • Motivational Speaking & Life Coaching. After struggling with Anxiety & Depression my entire life, I was able to find peace through mindfulness and meditation. Growing up in poverty is a modern day death sentence and I use my platform to promote goodwill between all mankind. 




Seriously you thought guys like John Mayer or Marcus Mumford were good singers until you hear Smith.
— Greg Jones - Earth To The Ground Music
Cet album s’écoute d’une traite sans même zapper tel ou tel morceau. C’est un plaisir du début à la fin.
— Fabien - Cabanne A Riff
A true professional and you can see the polish that he has put on his videos. He plays a multitude of instruments and is a true home music recording artist.
— Jesse - Hear The Music