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Marketing should be done through thought-provoking content that provides value to your consumer.

In an effort to take the elitism out of 3rd wave coffee, I paired up with 'Tunnel Espresso Bar' in Montréal's financial district. Together, we made 4 videos taking the guess work out of ordering an artisanal coffee.



We live in a world where transparency inspires trust and trust inspires sales.

Through market research and diligence, I've managed to secure a professional record deal on top of my pursuit of making sure you're maintaining your competitive edge in an ever changing marketplace. I did it through consistent, high-quality content where my personality and life was the product.



You're coming to us for what we don't do.

We document remarkable moments in your life. Whether it be a store-opening, a new product or service your excited to announce or your wedding day, we know how to stay out of the way and make sure that you shine.



Want something more polished and contemporary?

Thankfully we also have tremendous appreciation for the process of brainstorming, planning and executing your big ideas!



Exposure is the ticket and no one is budgeting for marketing.

If you're looking to grow as a business or as a professional individual it's about planting seeds. If you want your next event to be bigger, make you sure you're exposing people to your last!



it's important to share your work.

You're experienced, you're tried and true, you're dedicated. It's easy to believe that no one would be interested in how the sausage is made, but a perfectly executed behind the scenes video can really give your viewers the context they need to become clients.

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