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After 6 years working for others in the industry, I've decided to branch out and offer my services as an individual to ensure I don't have to compromise on a price, quality & turn-around that I'm proud of. 

My team echoes my belief in sincere, candid shooting where levity and good-spirit takes precedent over posing and staged "moments".

Thank you for your considering me as a part of your big day!




All of our videos are done completely incognito, allowing the photographer(s) to get everything they need and you want. 

A truly candid wedding video...

After 5 years and 50+ weddings, I have one golden rule when it comes to videography: I do not affect my couples by shaping the way they move throughout the day. 

My partner(s) & I are quiet, thoughtful members of your day. We understand how much pressure can accumulate on the schedule and we require no time to pose or work with you.


It's all about you!

We combine the quality b-roll of the preparation, photoshoots, and reception with the quantitive, more conservatively shot ceremony & speeches to give you a truly professional product at a rate that other studios can't afford to offer.

With the combination of quality & quantity we're able to give you a memory that feels more like a documentary of your day and less than a music video filled with posed & manufactured moments. 

We keep it simple & fresh and pass the savings on to you. There's no bloat here, only passion for creating organic, human videos filled to the brim with sincerity. 

Who am I?

My name is Jesse Daniel Smith and I'm an absolute outsider in the industry. I'm self-taught, self-reliant and solely motivated by giving you my absolute best. My focus has never been on constant growth and I pass that saving back to you.

Using 4k capable cameras & strong fundamental shooting I'm all about integrity and making art that has legs in a market that can get pretty commercial.



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